Beech Woodland:
Length: 1.25 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Trail Description This trail loops through and area with very impressive Beech Trees, and also goes past a vernal pool

Millstone Connector:
Length: 1/2 miles
Difficulty: easy
Trail description: This trail runs parallel to the park road, and connects to the Beech Woodlands Trail

North Meadow:
Length: 1 mile
Difficulty: Easy
Trail Description: This a short trail that loops past a pond and over an dirt dam. It also goes through a restored meadow

Length: .3 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Trail Description: Trail allows for off-leash dogs and passes by a wetland.

Rocky Fork Metro Park

This is a new park in the Columbus area, so new it's actually not fully open at the time of this writing! Only 235 of the 1000 acres are open to the public, but the rest should be open soon.  The park contains the beautiful stream known as Rocky Fork and has woodlands and meadows. Below I've listed all the trails that are in the part that's currently open

Address: 7180 Walnut Street, Westerville, Ohio