Situated halfway up a 150-foot Blackhand Sanstone cliff, Rock House is the only “true” cave in Hocking Hills. All the park’s caves, like Ash Cave and Old Man’s Cave, are actually just overhang caves. Rock House is over 200 feet long, 25 feet tall, and up to 30 feet wide in some points. Supporting the cave is 7 massive arches, which seem almost too impressive to be a product of nature. If you’re visiting during the spring, a small waterfall may flow adjacent to the cave, but don’t count on seeing it regardless of the season. Rock House’s beauty has been enjoyed by people for nearly 200 years. In 1835, Colonel F.F. Rempel constructed a 16-room hotel nearby so people could visit Rock House. Colonel Rempel’s Hotel is long gone, and instead the Rock House Shelter stands in its place.

Address: 19852 Route 664, Logan, OH 43138

Park Map


Rock House - Hocking Hills

After parking your car at the parking lot next to the shelter house, hike for about 40 yards up the trail until you come to a split in the trail. The trail to your right will take you into the Rock House, the trail to the left will take you to the base of the cliff Rock House is on. Continue through the Rock House to continue the trail. Once exiting the cave, the trail intersects with the one that went to the base of the cliff. The trail goes both left and right but turn left. If you turn right, it will take you back to Rock House’s other parking lot and getting back to your car can be rather confusing if you’re not familiar with the area. If you turn left it’ll take you back to your car, and you’ll also get fantastic views of Rock House from the base of the cliff. If my directions have in any way confused you, I’ve also attached the Rock House Trail Map below.

Rock House by Patrick Stepanek