Evergreen Trail:
1.9 miles, Easy
Trail D
escription: This trail takes you through a thick grove of pines that were planted and then goes through a meadow.

Oak Openings Trail:
16 miles, Moderate
Trail D
escription: This is one of the only legitimate long distance hiking trails in the region. It loops around the whole park, going through forests, pine groves, and meadows.

Fern and Lakes Trail:
2.9 miles, Easy to Moderate
Trail Description: This trail begins at Beaver L
ake and goes north to Beaver Lake, then continues further north then loops back to Mallard Lake.

Sand Dunes Trail:
1.7 miles, Easy
Trail Description: This trail takes you to the Girdham Road Sand Dunes.

Ridge Trail
2.5 miles, Easy
Trail Description: The trail makes a loop south of the Buehner Ce
nter and goes up to higher elevations above the Swain Creek.

Horseshoe L
ake Trail:
1.5 miles, Easy
Trail Description: This trail goes west from the Buehner Center and circles around Horseshoe Lake passing through hardwood 

Oak Openings Preserve Metropark

One of the largest metro parks in not only Northwestern Ohio but all of Ohio, Oak Openings is nearly 5,000 acres in size. This area has some of the best biodiversity in the whole state. The park is best known for its impressive stands of pine trees that dominate part of the park. These trees can be viewed on the preserve's 1.9-mile Evergreen Trail. Also in the park is the 16-mile Oak Openings Trail, one of the only long-distance trails in the Northwest Region of Ohio. 

  • Address: 5230 Wilkins Road, WhiteHouse, Ohio
  • ​Size: 5,000 Acres