Why You Should Visit

Located within the city limits of Cleveland, Mill Creek Falls (also known as Cataract Falls of Mill Creek) is a surprisingly large cascade that is relatively unknown by Northeast Ohio residents.  The waterfall is tucked away in a small and relatively sketchy urban park that has a history center and two observation decks for viewing the waterfall. Depending on how you classify it, this waterfall is technically manmade. In the early 1900’s a section of Mill Creek was diverted by a railroad company and the water began to flow over this cliff face, thus creating the waterfall you see here today. 


Parking for Mill Creek Falls is located on Webb Terrace, a small road off of Warner Road near where the road intersects with Broadway Avenue.  Ample parking is provided for visitors to the waterfall. A viewing deck exists right next to the falls, but I personally have found that the view from the base of the falls (pictured above) is much more scenic. This will require a bit of scrambling to reach, however, and is not for the faint of heart.

Mill Creek Falls