Address: 27331 OH-278, McArthur, OH 45651
Size: 2,983 acres

Amenities/attractions: 120-acre lake, Lodge, camping, hiking trails



Completely surrounded by the 26,842-acre Zaleski State Forest, Lake Hope State Park offers the quintessential Southeastern Ohio landscape of rolling hills and rugged terrain. Here you can find remnants of old industrial mills, explore dramatic ravines, enjoy hilltop vistas, and eat a quality meal at the park’s lodge all in an afternoon. Over 10 miles of hiking trails traverse the park and an even more extensive network of mountain biking trails can also be found.

Lake Hope State Park

Lake Hope by Gabe Leidy

Habron Hollow Trail
1.5 miles, Difficult
Trail begins on the Hope Furnace trail and ascends through a hollow to the end of Furnace Ridge Road, offering views of Lake Hope

White Oak Trail
.25 miles, Easy
Short trail that connects the Hope Furnace Trail to Furnace Ridge Road

Buzzard Cave Trail
.5 miles, Moderate
Beginning just up the road from the Hope Furnace, this trail makes a short loop and takes you to Buzzard Cave, one of the parks more interesting geologic features

Greenbriar Trail
.5 miles, Moderate
Connects the Zaleski Backpack Trail to the Laurel Lodge

Peninsula Trail
3 miles, Moderate
Trail explores the Peninsula created by the crescent shaped Lake Hope, closely following the Lake for a majority of the trail and looping to the Laurel Lodge.

Hope Furnace Trail
3.2 miles, Moderate
Trail begins at the Keeton Cemetery and hikes along the Lake on the side opposite of the Peninsula Trail. The trail loops past Grouse Point and continues to follow the lake, passing a junction with the Habron Hollow Trail and White Oaks Trails and finishing at the Hope Furnace.

Olds Hollow Trail
1.5 miles, Moderate

Trail begins at the start of the Zaleski Backpacking Trail and follows a hollow up to the ancient Pioneer Cemetery before looping back to the trailhead