Overlooking the confluence of Paine Creek and the Grand River, the Indian Point overlook stands over 100 feet above the water and offers one of the best views in Northeast Ohio. The overlook is located in Indian Point Metro Park, which is also home to the scenic Indian Point Falls.

Address: 13165 Seeley Road, Painesville, Ohio

How to get there:

Indian Point Overlook is located in Indian Point Metro park, which is part of the Lake County Metro Park system. To get to the overlook, you’ll want to take the park's Point Loop trail. To get there park your car at the parking lot on top of the ridge and take the trail farthest to the left. The trail is roughly a half mile long one-way. To your right you’ll get panoramic views of the Grand River, and to your left you’ll have slightly less dramatic views of the Paine Creek Valley.

Photo by Jacob Teed

Indian Point Overlook