River Breeze Trail
.5 miles (one way), Easy
Trail begins at the park address and closely follows the Grand River downstream. The trail takes a wooden bridge over a small stream and then enters a forest of Hemlocks and Sycamore trees. Fantastic views across the river are visible for nearly the entire hike. As you continue further downstream. The valley wall to your left gets closer and closer to the river, until there's just enough room for the trail. There will be a sign that says the trail has ended and access is restricted beyond that point. Above the hill to your left is the incredible Hidden Valley Falls. An obvious beaten path will take you there. I do not advise that you go on to the restricted area, I am simply informing you that the waterfall is back there. Now that the trail has ended, simply return back the same way you came.

​Crooked Tree Loop Trail

.5 miles, Easy

​Trailhead: River Road, Madison, Ohio

Trail begins at a different lot than the main one and loops atop the bluffs surrounding the river, passing by a small pond along the way.​

Sources: Beyond Cleveland on Foot, by Patience Cameron Hoskins and Rob and Peg Bobel

Hidden Valley Metropark

At only 152 acres, Hidden Valley isn't a large park by any measure, but what the park lacks in size it makes up for in beauty. The park is part of the Lake County Metropark's system and is situated along the banks of the Grand River.  Steep cliffs tower near 100 feet above you on the undeveloped side of the river. Two short trails are located in the park, totaling 1 mile of trails. The 40-foot Hidden Valley Falls is located just past the end of the River Breeze Trail but unfortunately is in an area where public access is restricted, so you'll have to figure out a way to get permission to go back there.

Natural Ohio Adventures Hidden Valley Metro Park

Hidden Valley Falls by Colin Holub

Address: 4872 Klasen Road, Madison, Ohio

​Size: 152 acres

Amenities/attractions: Picnic area, Shelter, Trail, access to waterfall