Part of the Lake County Metro Park's system, Hell Hollow Wilderness Area is heaven for those who love off-trail exploring. The preserve encompasses over 800 acres of the isolated Paine Creek Valley and contains at least a dozen waterfalls over 10 feet tall. One trail runs through the park, which can take you to the beautiful overlook of the hollow pictured here.

Hell Hollow Wilderness

Address: 14437 Leroy Center Road, Thompson, Ohio

Size: 845 acres

Attractions/Amenities: Picnic area, Shelter, hiking trail, overlook, waterfalls

Beechridge Loop Trail
Trail length: 1.1 miles, Difficult
Trail Description:
The trail begins at the parking lot and splits, with both trails going into the woods. Take the loop in a clockwise direction by taking the trail closest to the valley rim. To your left is Paine Creek, almost 150 feet below you. As you continue on the trail, you will walk through groves of hemlocks and soon you'll reach a panoramic view of the valley. Even if you're not one for off-trail exploring, this view makes a trip to Hell Hollow worthwhile. From here, you can take 263 wooden steps down to the creek. The base of the staircase is near the access point for Little Known Falls, a triple tier waterfall that is one of the park's most beautiful cascades. After returning back up the steps continue on the trail to finish back at the parking lot