Hell Hollow Overlook is the main "on trail" attraction of Hell Hollow Wilderness Area. The overlook gives you a beautiful view of the Paine Creek and its valley from over 150 feet up. If you're up for some off-trail exploring, the valley below is filled with dozens of incredible waterfalls, some over 30 feet tall.

Hell Hollow Overlook

Address: 14437 Leroy Center Road, Thompson, Ohio (Hell Hollow Wilderness Area)

How to get there:
After parking your car at the park's lot, take the Beechridge Loop Trail out of the lot. This is the park's only trail, so it shouldn't be to difficult to find. The trail will take you through groves of hemlock trees before reaching the overlook. Near the overlook is a series of steps that will take you down to creek level

Hell Hollow Overlook by Patrick Stepanek