Although it’s not tall by any measure, Grotto Falls makes up for its height by having a really unique cave behind it that's large enough to fit a few people. The waterfall is one of the main attractions of the privately owned Glen Helen Nature Preserve along with the Cascades at Glen Helen and the Yellow Springs that feed Grotto Falls, which the local town of Yellow Springs was named after. Adjacent to the preserve is John Bryan State Park, which many consider to be Western Ohio’s most beautiful state park. The park encompasses the narrow and rugged gorge of the Little Miami River, which is not much wider than 10 feet at some points! 

Getting to Grotto Falls
Begin at the park’s main lot on Corry Street and take the Innman Trail out of the lot and take it over Yellow Springs Creek. Past the creek the Innman Trail splits into a loop, take a left here and follow Yellow Springs Creek upstream. Right before the trail veers away from the creek Grotto Falls will be on the right side of the trail. If you complete the Innman Loop Trail you’ll pass the Yellow Springs and The Cascades at Glen Helen before returning to the beginning of the loop. We’ve attached a trail map of Glen Helen below if our directions have confused you in any way. Good luck and happy waterfall hunting!

​Glen Helen Trail Map

Behind Grotto Falls by Lane Grimes

Grotto Falls

Height: 7 feet
Crest: 8 feet
Difficulty to reach: Easy
Water flow level: Low to moderate flow
Address: Glen Helen Nature Preserve, Yellow Springs, Ohio