Getting to the Waterfall
From the edge of the road go right into the woods, passing the green trail marker. Head to where the creek spills into Hosterman Lake and walk upstream. You’ll soon reach a wooden bridge that offers views of the waterfall.

Source: "200 Hikeable Waterfalls of Ohio" by Tina Karle

George Rogers Clark Falls

Nestled in the 250-acre George Rogers Clark Park is this tall and wide yet very seasonal waterfall. When water flow is high, this is one of Western Ohio’s most scenic waterfalls. Otherwise you shouldn’t expect much more flow than a powerful garden hose. The park itself is dominated by the large Hosterman Lake and was the site of the largest Revolutionary War battle that was fought west of the Allegheny Mountains.

Photo by Tina Karle

Height: 20 feet
Crest: 3-30 feet
Difficulty to reach: Easy to Moderate
Water flow level: Low
Address: 930 S Tecumseh Rd, Springfield, OH 45506