Farnsworth Metropark

Address: 8505 S River Rd, Waterville, OH 43566

Two things make Farnsworth Metropark significant: The Interurban Bridge and the Roche de Bout. The Interurban Bridge was once the largest earth filled, concrete reinforced bridge in the entire world, but today the bridge is in ruins. The Roche de Bout (also spelled Roche de Boeuf) is one of the only significant rock outcroppings in the Northwest Region of Ohio and serves as a support for the bridge. The rock was a important landmark to Indians centuries ago, who met on the rock for meetings, including one before the famous 1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers. As long as the water level is somewhat low, you can easily wade out to the rock.  Also running through the park is the 100-mile Bowling Green Fault line, the only fault line in the entire Great Lakes Region. If the water is low enough you actually are able to see it. 

Towpath Trail
2.5 miles, Easy
Trail Description: The Towpath Trail, not to be mistaken with the Towpath trail of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, begins in Farnsworth Metropark and continues upstream for about 8 miles. Roughly 2.5 of those miles go through Farnsworth. The trail parallels the Maumee river the whole way, passing by several islands on the river owned by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Unfortunately, there’s no way of getting to the islands. Right before passing into Bend View Metropark, you’ll pass the Weir Rapids, a small collection of rapids on the Maumee River.

The Interurban Bridge by @natural2myeyez (instagram handle)