Euclid Creek Reservation

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Address: Euclid Creek Reservation, Euclid, OH 44143

Euclid Creek Reservation by Jason Russell

All Purpose Trail

2.5 miles, Easy

Paved Trail that runs from the reservation's southern to northern end. Great trail for a jog, run or bike ride.

Euclid Creek Trail Map


Glenridge Loop Trail

2.2 miles, Moderate

Trail loops around Western side of Euclid Creek Valley, following both the valley floor and the steep ridge top above it.

Upper Highland Loop Trail

1.1 miles, Easy

​Easy relaxing trail that runs through the floodplains of Euclid Creek in the northern portion of the reservation. Passes several creek cascades.

Rear Quarry Trail

.13 miles, Easy

​Short trail that gives beautiful views downstream, sounds and seasonal views of a waterfall, and rock formations that were potentially part of the ancient Bluestone Quarry.

Squirrel Run Trail

1.2 miles, Moderate

​Trail loops around Euclid Creek in the northern half of the park, passing through dense hardwood forests and sharing the trail with the Glenridge Loop Trail for roughly 2/5 of the trail.

Named after the creek that runs through it, the narrow Euclid Creek Reservation has beautiful waterfalls, steep hillsides, and the remains of the ghost town known as Bluestone, which flourished during the 1800's thanks to the town's blue silt quarry, a mineral that was essential in the creation of sidewalks. Runners and bikers alike will enjoy the park's All-Purpose Trail, which runs through the entire park. Several other trails exist within park boundaries, navigating the valley floodplains and steep ridge tops of the reservation.