Height: 20 feet

Crest: 25 feet

Difficulty to Reach: Difficult

Water flow level: Low to Moderate Flow

Address (approximate): 2181 Dublin Rd, Columbus, OH 43228

Dublin Road Falls is one of the three large waterfalls you can find inside the Columbus Innerbelt (Along with Hayden Run Falls and Indian Run Falls) but is by far the least well known of the three. The waterfall is generally flowing, but it's probably a good idea to visit when water flow is high. A big thank you to Carey Sherrill for finding this spot and giving us information on how to get to it!

Dublin Road Falls

Dublin Road Falls by Carey Sherrill

Getting to Dublin Road Falls

(Directions by Carey Sherrill)

To get to Dublin Road Falls, take the Roberts Road exit off I-270 and go east to Dublin Road. Turn right onto Dublin and go south about 1 mile. There's a Roofing Wholesale at 2181 Dublin Rd, Columbus, OH 43228. I parked there and went in to ask if it was OK to leave my car in their lot while I photographed the falls and they had no problem with it. 

​From their lot walk 200 feet north along Dublin Road to where the creek runs under the street. On the west side of the street there's a small cascade. Cross the street and head for the left/north end of the guardrail. There's a faint trail that follows the north side of the creek and leads to an area where you can step/scramble down the hill to the creek. The falls are right there. The creek continues down the narrow gorge all the way to the river and there are some nice cascades. Tall rain boots would be good - both to get a good position to photograph the falls and for exploring down stream. The trail above the north side of the creek continues, but I didn't see anywhere else to get down to the creek. A lot of trash has collected in the creek. It'd be nice if visitors brought a small bag to carry out a little garbage with them when they visit.