Diehl Lake Falls

Getting to Diehl Lake Falls
Diehl Lake Falls is quite easy to get to, getting a close-up of view of it will likely prove to be difficult though. To reach the falls, turn onto South Kiwatani Trail from South Warren Salem Road. Follow the road briefly then park your car near the spillway on the lower lake. There should be a few picnic benches here. At the head of the lake you’ll be able to see Diehl Lake Falls tumbling over boulders into the lake. Thanks to the fact that both the lakes are lined with houses, it’s harder to get much closer to the falls than this.

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Diehl Lake falls is an unusually rocky waterfall that serves as the separator between the Upper and Lower Diehl Lakes. Although the lakes are not natural, the waterfall is. At the base of Lower Diehl Lake is a 20-foot spillway.

Height: 30 feet
Crest 15 feet
Difficulty to reach: Easy
Water flow level: Moderate
Address: South Kiwatani Trail, North Jackson, Ohio