Lake Trail:
Length: 1 mile
Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Description: This trail does a short loop through the woods and leads to an observation deck overlooking Lake Ramona.

Prairie Warbler:
Length: 3/5 mile
Difficulty: Easy
Trail Description:  This trail crosses around a rolling hilltop, goes 
through meadow, and runs through some woods. Nice trail, but other trails in park are more rewarding.

Tulip Trail
Length: 3/5 mile
Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Description: Short trail that goes through the woods and then a meadow.

Distance From Major Cities

  • Columbus: 45 min
  • Dayton: 1:45-2 hours
  • Cincinnati: 2-2:30 hours
  • Cleveland: 2:45-3 hours
  • Toledo: 3 hours

Why You Should Visit

Although it's in Southeast Ohio, Clear Creek Metro Park is actually park of the Columbus Metro Parks system. The park is easily the system's southernmost park and protects 5,300 acres of rugged terrain, making it the second largest park in the system behind Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park. The park is characterized by massive sections of exposed rock and deep stream valleys, making it somewhat similar to the more dramatic Hocking Hills State Park. A large network of trails will take you all over the entire park.

Clear Creek Metro Park


Cemetery Ridge
2.5 miles, Moderate
Trail Description: This trail does switchbacks through the woods and peaks at the top of the hill, which is a small meadow.

Chestnut Ridge
Length: 2.2 miles
Difficulty: Strenuous
Trail Description: Trail starts near the top of a ridge descends back down to valley floor, then ascends to the top of a ridge. Several sandstone formations can be viewed from the trail.

Creekside Meadows
Length: 1.7 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Trail Description: This trail follows the banks of the Clear Creek and goes through fields. The trail is all grass.

Fern Trail
Length: 1.7 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Description: This trail climbs a steep ridge surrounded by hemlock trees. Makes a loop and leaps up to hilltop meadow.

Hemlock Trail
Length: 1.5 miles
Difficulty: Strenuous
Trail Description: This trail also takes you up to the hilltop meadow. The trail runs through a grove of hemlocks and traverses a steep ravine on its way up the hill.