Photo by Dan Barr

Chestnut Ridge Metro Park


Address: 8445 Winchester Road N.W. Carroll, Ohio

Meadows Trail

1 mile, Difficult
Description: Short trail that takes you through a meadow and across a stream. It can be accessed by turning left on the Ridge trail out of the parking lot. Trail can be combined with the Ridge trail to make a 2-mile loop hike

Ridge Trail
Length: 1 miles
Difficulty: Difficult
Trail Description: This trail takes you to the top to Chestnut Ridge and give you views of the Columbus Skyline. This can be combined with the Meadows trail to make a 2 mile loop.

Homesite trail
.4 miles, Easy
Description: Passes by an old orchard, and remains of a homesite, connects Meadow Trail and Ridge Trail.

A lesser known park in the Columbus Metro Parks System, Chestnut Ridge Metro Park contains Chestnut Ridge, which most geographers believe to be the first foothill of the Appalachian Mountains. Chestnut Ridge is 150 feet tall and reaches a max elevation of 1,116 Feet. From the top of the ridge, you usually can see the Columbus Skyline to the northeast.