Getting to Charleston Falls

Begin at the parking lot and turn right at the first trail junction and then stay left to go into the field. The trail will take you through a large square field and then through several smaller more natural fields before ending near Charleston Falls. The trail then loops back to the lot by turning left at the first trail junction after the big square field.

Nearby Waterfalls:

The popular Greenville Falls is rather close by, but I'm more a fan of the lesser known Ludlow Falls and West Milton Cascades, which are also within driving distance.

Charleston Falls is the tallest known waterfall in Western Ohio and is easily one of the most impressive, especially after a heavy rain. Located in the Charleston Falls Nature Preserve,The waterfall drops almost 40 feet into a small gorge.  The 216 acre park has almost 4 miles of trails and is a great place to explore if you live in the area. Near the waterfall is a small cave feature that's worth your time to explore.

Charleston Falls

Photo by Birgit McCabe


Address: 2535 Ross Road, Tipp City

Height: 37 feet

Crest: 15 feet

Difficulty to reach: Easy