Chair Factory Falls

Photo by Kevin Harrison

Getting to Chair Factory Falls:
Begin by parking at the Concord Township Old Stone School (7125 Ravenna Road) and start your hike by taking the Greenwood Corridor Connector Trail that leaves the lot. Once you reach the Greenway Corridor, turn left and continue down the paved path for approximately 1/5 of a mile. After locating the Chair Factory Falls Trailhead, take the ⅓ mile trail down to an overlook of the falls.

Nearby waterfalls:

​The double-decker Paine Falls is also located in Painesville, and Indian Point Falls and Little Known Falls are just a short drive from here but require extensive off trail hiking to reach.

Height: 30 feet
Crest: 20 feet

Water flow level: Moderate flow

Difficulty to reach: Easy

Address: 7125 Ravenna Road, Painesville, Ohio

As one might guess, Chair Factory Falls was once the site of a bustling chair factory until the massive mill caught fire, reducing it to nothing more than a few charred wooden planks. Until recently, this beautiful waterfall was located on private land and access to the public was restricted. To keep a natural landmark as incredible as Chair Factory Falls on private land almost felt like a crime against the residents of Lake County, and the waterfall’s landowners seemed to agree. Thanks to a generous 4.5-acre donation from Laura Macmillan Crago, Johanna Bates, and Julia Macmillan, this waterfall is now open to the public and can be viewed by taking a short .3-mile trail that stems from the Greenway Corridor Trail.