Cederquist Falls

Cederquist Falls is a narrow cascade that can be accessed by hiking half a mile into the very poorly marked trail network of Indian Trails Park. The waterfall is just a short walk from the site of the Ashtabula Railroad Bridge Disaster of 1876, where 92 people lost their lives when a bridge over the Ashtabula River gave out. Also in the park is a newly restored wetland, a massive double arched stone bridge, and Lake Erie is no more than half a mile from the parks northern edge. 

Height: 30 feet
Crest: 5 feet
Difficulty to reach: Easy
Water flow level: Moderate
Address: Indian Trails Park (West 24th Street, Ashtabula, Ohio)

Getting to Cederquist Falls:
Park at Indian Trails Park northern trailhead next to the Ashtabula River on West 24th Street. Take the boardwalk over the wetland then turn left and follow the trail upstream. Stay right on the trail and follow the sign directing you towards the railroad disaster. Once you reach the double arched stone bridge the trail seems to end, but it actually continues by crossing under the bridge. Cross under the bridge then walk over the tributary creek and ascend a short hill to the right of the creek. Take a left at the trail junction after ascending the hill and follow the small creek upstream briefly before it ends at Cederquist Falls.