Height: 18 feet
Crest: 25 feet
Difficulty to reach: Easy
Water flow level: High

Address: Indian Mound Reserve, Cedarville, Ohio

Although it’s actually manmade, the striking beauty of Cedar Cliff Falls as it gracefully drops into the Massie Creek Gorge rivals any natural waterfall Western Ohio has to offer.  Cedar Cliff Falls was originally used to harness the power of Massie Creek for the Harbison Mill, which shuttered its doors way back in 1917. The waterfall is in the 166-acre Indian Mound Reserve, one of the most popular parks in the Greene County Parks System. Other than the waterfall, visitors can view an ancient Indian Adena Mound, the site of the old mill, and the Massie Creek Gorge.

Cedar Cliff Falls

Cedar Cliff Falls Samuel S. (@yosemitesam_)

Getting to Cedar Cliff Falls:

Park at the Cedar Cliff Falls Trailhead off State Route 42. This trailhead/parking lot is just further east than the main lot. Take the trail down and to the right to reach the waterfall.