Castalia Quarry Reserve

Address: Sandusky-Clyde Road, Castalia, OH


Noteworthy Trails
Levee Loop Trail
1.7 miles, Easy
Loop trail that travels around the flat northern portion of the park and crosses over a boardwalk for a period of the trail. Can be combined with the .32-mile Fringed Gentian trail to create a longer loop.

Quarry Rim Trail
1.8 miles, Moderate
Loop Trail that circles the rim of the quarry, passing the park’s scenic overlook deck which gives views of Lake Erie.

Fossil Trail
.37 miles, Easy
One-way trail that stems off from the Quarry Rim Trail and takes you along the quarry floor to the ponds that have formed in the southern corner of the quarry.

Castalia Quarry by Kathy M. from

Up until 1965 the area this park encompasses was a fully operational quarry. Since then, the land has slowly been reclaimed by the natural environment and today is home to over 240 species of native plants. Perhaps the park’s best feature is its overlook deck, which sits atop the quarry’s rim and gives expansive views of the quarry and Lake Erie in the distance.