Address: 354 Sackett Avenue, Akron, Ohio

Called the “Grand Canyon of Ohio” by many, the Cascade Valley overlook offers the most dramatic view in all of Northeast Ohio. What really makes visiting this overlook so impressive is actually the overlook deck itself. A narrow wooden deck stretches 10 feet past the cliff edge, giving you a viewing experience unlike anything in Ohio. If you suffer from an extreme fear of heights, I recommend you stay away from this place

How to get there:

A .5-mile hard gravel loop trail will take you to the overlook from the parking lot. Make sure you plug in the above address and not just “Cascade Valley Metro Park” into your GPS. There are multiple different areas of Cascade Metro Park and all have different addresses. Make sure to be cautious of the cliff edge! It’s a 100-foot straight down drop and it probably won’t end pleasantly for you if you were to fall.

Cascade Valley Overlook