Getting to Cantwell Cliffs Falls:
Begin by taking the trail out of the lot and past the shelter. Stay left and descend into the canyon by taking the rocky steps that travel through cuts in the rock. Once you’ve completed the descent, you should see the large recess cave to your left. Good luck!

Cantwell Cliffs Area Trail Map

Height: 80 feet
Crest: 5 feet
Difficulty to reach: Easy to Moderate
Water flow level: Low
Address: Cantwell Cliffs, Rockbridge, Ohio

One of the dozens of towering seasonal waterfalls in the Hocking Hills Region of Ohio, Cantwell Cliffs Falls cascades off the roof of a large recess cave, which doubles as the head of the Cantwell Cliffs box canyon, one of the state park's most dramatic. Unless you’re visiting the park in the days following a heavy rain or during the spring snowmelt, it’s unlikely you’ll see much water here. The recess cave the waterfall flows off is astonishingly impressive on its own, so you’re guaranteed to leave Cantwell Cliffs satisfied regardless of water flow.


Cantwell Cliffs Falls