Cantwell Cliffs Trail:
Length: 1 Mile
Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Description:
This is the main trail in the Cantwell Cliffs area. The trail begins by sharing the trail with the Rim trail for roughly 15 yards before splitting to the left and descending into the gorge. The trail takes you past the large overhang cave (and waterfall in the spring) and follows the creek downstream. The trail makes a short loop at the end of the trail and returns in the same direction.

​Rim Loop Trail:
Length: .6 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Description: The Rim Trail is another great trail in the Cantwell Cliffs Region and can be combined with the Cantwell Cliffs Trail for a longer hike. The Rim Trail begins at the parking lot and goes to the right when the trail splits. Just a few feet later the trail will split again. To the left you can descend into the gorge and hike through the Fat Woman’s Squeeze, or you can go right and continue along the gorge’s rim. If you continue to the right, you will closely follow the edge of the gorge for about ¼ mile. The trail then descends into the gorge and follows the base of the cliff upstream. A connecter trail to your right can take you to the Cantwell Cliffs Trail. Continue hiking until you reach the Fat Woman’s Squeeze. You can either exit the gorge here, or you can take the Cantwell Cliffs Trail by continuing down the steps to the Rock Shelter.

Cantwell Cliffs by @IKendraw

Park Map


Cantwell Cliffs - Hocking Hills

Address: OH-374, Rockbridge, OH 43149

Many visitors to Hocking Hills decide to skip over Cantwell Cliffs. Cantwell Cliffs is situated in the northern corner of the park, far away from the park’s more popular attractions. Visitors to Cantwell Cliffs soon discover that the area is just as if not more beautiful than the rest of Hocking Hills. Cantwell Cliffs was created when Buck Run (the area’s creek) highly eroded the area, creating one of the deepest gorges in Ohio. A large overhang cave known as the rock shelter is located at the head of the gorge, and in the spring a small waterfall flows off the top of the cave. Perhaps the area’s most iconic feature is The Fat Woman’s Squeeze, a narrow passage you must go through in order to get inside the gorge.