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Blackhand Gorge Waterfalls


Waterfall on Marie Hickey Trail by TrekOhio

Chestnut Trail Waterfall:
How to get to it:
The 1.4 mile trail known as the Chestnut Trail passes by a decent sized seasonal waterfall. To reach this waterfall begin on the main paved Blackhand Gorge Trail. Follow this trail until you reach a sign for the Chestnut Trail. This trail will take you to the top of ridges above the gorge and is an out and back. This is a very pretty trail, so even if the waterfall is dried up, the Chestnut Trail is still worth checking out

Marie Hickey Trail waterfalls
How to get to them:Several seasonal waterfalls can be found on the Marie Hickey Trail. The trail begins at the preserve’s North Parking Lot, which can be accessed by leaving the main parking lot, going over the river, turning left onto Rock Haven Road, and following the road up to the the parking lot, which will be on the right side of the road. Begin by taking a dirt road behind a fence from the parking lot, which will take you to the intersection of two trails. Both are the Marie Hickey Trail, but take the trail to the left. Follow this trail for a while until you reach a small forest of hemlock trees. In this forest you will take a small footbridge over a creek. Just feet downstream from the creek is a 10 foot low-flow waterfall. Further up the trail you will ascend to a bluff that overlooks the Licking River. During the climb, a short and unmarked side trail can take you to several low-flow waterfalls.

Several smaller waterfalls exist in Blackhand Gorge Preserve, and while they would likely be overlooked elsewhere, for Central Ohio these waterfalls are certainly notable. The best time to view the park’s waterfalls is springtime, otherwise there is no guarantee they will be flowing