Height: 15 feet
Crest: 20-50 feet
Difficulty to Reach: Easy
Water flow level: High
Address: Berea Falls Scenic Overlook, Berea, Ohio

Berea Falls

Getting to Berea Falls
Berea Falls is one of Cleveland’s most publicized waterfalls (I even remember it being pictured in my high school Environmental Science Textbook) so finding it is relatively simple. Park at the Scenic Overlook off Barrett Drive and from there you can take a short trail down to the falls.

Nearby Locations

Berea Falls by Nick Hoeller

Berea Falls is a double tiered cascade on the West Fork of the Rocky River and is located at the southern reaches of the 2,572-acre Rocky River Reservation. Perhaps what’s most intriguing about Berea Falls is the landscape surrounding the falls. Above the falls is a series of historic arched bridges, complementing the waterfall nicely. Below Berea Falls is a rugged and narrow gorge that’s great for exploring. Berea Falls, although impressive, is a tad less dramatic than the other high flowing waterfalls of Northeast Ohio like Brandywine Falls and Chagrin Falls, so I recommend you visit those before spending time here.