Park Trails

Vondergreen Trail
3.5 miles (one way), Easy to Moderate
Trailhead: To access this trail from the park office, walk across the bridge that goes over Little Beaver Creek. The trail will be immediately to your right.

The trail starts by walking right next to the creek, so if it’s really been really raining, this part of the trail might be inaccessible. A quarter mile in, the trail climbs up into a forested floodplain. The trail runs through the floodplain for a while 2/5 of a mile and connects with the Upper Vondergreen Trail at the end of floodplain. After the trail junction the gorge narrows, and rocky cliff walls tower above the trail. You’ll soon reach Grey’s Lock, a lock that was part of the Sandy and Beaver Canal. After the lock you’ll make a short climb then almost immediately descend, losing the elevation you gained. You’ll cross over a creek after the descent and intersect with a Bridle Trail. If you follow this creek up, you’ll reach the 20-foot Vondergreen Falls, one of the park’s many off-trail waterfalls. If you choose to hike up this creek, be sure to wear bug spray. I was eaten alive by mosquitos on my first visit here. The trail continues to follow Little Beaver Creek downstream, passing Gretchen’s Lock and finishing at the Primitive Group Campsites.

Upper Vondergreen Trail
.5 miles (one way), Moderate
Trailhead: To access this trail from the park’s headquarters, head across the creek via the one lane bridge. Continue up the road past the Vondergreen Trail. 50 yards past the Vondergreen Trailhead is the trailhead on the right side of the road.

Beginning on Echo Dell Road, this trail climbs to the top of the gorge, passing by large rock formations and over a seasonal stream along the way. The trail runs close to the rim of the gorge and offers partially blocked views of the valley then gradually descends into a floodplain and connects with the Vondergreen Trail.

Logan’s Loop Trail
.5 miles (loop), Easy to Moderate
Trailhead: Wildlife Education Center

This trail starts at the Wildlife Education Center and loops through an upland forest, connecting with the Oak Hill Trail. The trail is a self-guided nature trail, and a brochure is available at the start of the trail to help you identify the trail’s diverse collection of trees.

Overlook Trail
.25 miles (one way), Moderate
Trailhead: To reach this trail from the park’s main office, cross back over creek on the single lane bridge and walk up the road. The trailhead is on the right side of the road, roughly a half mile from the park office. Just getting to the trail requires ascending 200 feet, so you’ll be pretty tired before you even begin the trail.

The trail starts near the park’s northern border and climbs a steep ridge to an overlook of the Beaver Creek Valley. In the summer, this overlook provides just a narrow view of the valley, but the view is the best in the park and worth visiting regardless of the season. If you’re looking for a more impressive view, I recommend visiting the nearby Fredericktown Overlook.

Beaver Creek State Park

Oak Hill Trail
1 mile (one way), Moderate
Trailhead: Park Office
Beginning at the park’s office, this trail quick ascends a ridge, giving views of the Beaver Creek Valley when the trees have minimal foliage. The trail briefly descends and crosses over Echo Dell Road and then continues to climb, reaching the top of the creek valley. From here the trail is relatively flat and gives scattered views of the gorge below for the remainder of the trail. You’ll cross through a small grove of pines and finish the trail by making a short but steep climb to the Logan’s Loop Trail, a short, self-guided nature trail.