Height: 13 feet
Crest: 20 feet
Difficulty to reach : Moderate

Nearest Address: 37800 Jackson Road, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Located near the South Chagrin Reservation, Willey Creek Falls is a seldom visited waterfall located just a few feet from Jackson Road. This is one of the most impressive secret waterfalls in all of Northeast Ohio so definitely check this one out. Just a little bit downstream from the waterfall there is a 10 foot cascade and there is also an incredible gorge that spills into Willey Creek with another 10 foot waterfall. Unfortunately, houses line the creek so I'm not exactly sure if everything downstream is private property or not. Explore at your own risk and bring a pair of waterproof hiking boots!

Willey Creek Falls

How to get there:
Willey Creek Falls is located right off Jackson Road in Chagrin Falls.  If you are driving on Chagrin River Road going north, turn left on to Jackson road and follow it up for about half a mile. The waterfall is to the left of the road before the bridge. There is a yellow house on the other side of the road. Drive a little further to the bridge and park your car there. Getting down into the creek is k somewhat difficult, but if you're an experienced hiker you shouldn't find too much difficulty.  Although there aren't any "no trespassing" signs here, its not clear if this waterfall is on private land or not. Hike at your own risk.

Willey Creek Falls by Colin Holub