Getting to Vondergreen Falls:
To reach this waterfall, begin at the park’s office, cross over the creek on the one lane bridge, and take an immediate right to begin hiking on the Vondergreen Trail. If the water is too high, take the Upper Vondergreen Trail to bypass the initial part of the trail that runs just feet above the river (trailhead is 50 yards further up the road). Follow the trail through a floodplain and past Grey’s Lock. After the trail descends back down to creek level you’ll pass over a decent sized creek. Follow this creek up to access the waterfall. From park office to the waterfall you’ll hike around 1.5 miles, so hiking here is a 3 mile round trip.

Although no more than 1000 feet of off trail hiking need to done to access this waterfall, the ravine you need to hike up is narrow, rocky, and heavily infested with mosquitos (if visiting in late spring or summer). If you decide to check out this waterfall, be sure to apply a healthy amount of bug spray. Vondergreen Falls actually doesn’t have an official name, but I took it upon myself to name this waterfall (along with two others in the park) because “Vondergreen Falls” sounds a lot more elegant than “Beaver Creek State Park Waterfall #2”. The waterfall itself is quite scenic, dropping 15 feet in a half-drop/half slide before tumbling an additional 5 feet in a narrow slide. I can’t stress applying bug spray enough though. I have never regretting hiking to a waterfall until I hiked to Vondergreen Falls without bug spray, I was virtually eaten alive. If you don’t have any spray and you don’t want to get devoured by flying vampires, Echo Dell Falls is also located in the park and has significantly less mosquitos.

Vondergreen Falls by Jacob Teed

Height: 20 feet
Crest: 8 feet
Difficulty to reach: Extremely difficult
Water flow level: Moderate flow
Address: Beaver Creek State Park

Vondergreen Falls