Rose Lake Falls

Getting to Rose Lake Falls:
Begin at the Cedar Falls Trailhead for the Grandma Gatewood Trail (blue trail). Descend into the gorge and head downstream away from Cedar Falls. If it has been raining recently, you’ll see more than 10 massive waterfalls from here until Rose Hollow. The dramatic cliffs to your right will gradually lead to a wider stream valley as you get closer to the falls The first decent sized creek you hike over is the one this waterfall is on. A bridge will cross over the creek and the creek runs a rather straight path back into the hills. Follow this creek back for about 150 yards to find yourself at the base of Rose Lake Falls. Although short, the hike back tp the falls isn't easy, so if you aren't a skilled hiker it's probably best to skip this one.

Rose Lake Falls by Jacob Teed

Tucked away in a moss covered hollow and flowing off a small recess cave, Rose Lake Falls is fed by the manmade Rose Lake and a small seasonal creek. This waterfall is one of Hocking Hills State Park's most consistent off-trail waterfalls and is the most impressive waterfall you can view on the 2.3-mile hike between Cedar Falls and Old Man’s Cave. Although you can barely tell from photos, this waterfall is actually two different waterfalls spilling off the same cliff, making it rather similar to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park's Twin Sisters Falls. While I highly recommend checking out Rose Lake Falls after a rain, thanks to the dam just upstream there should be a decent amount of water flowing here for most of the year.

Height: 80 feet
Crest: 10 feet
Difficulty to reach: Moderate to Difficult
Water Flow Level: Low-Medium
Address: Hocking Hills State Park, Logan, Ohio