Address: Station Road Bridge Trailhead

Raccoon Falls
Height: 35 feet
Crest: 20 feet
Difficulty to reach: Hard
Water flow level: Low

Romane Falls
Height: 25 feet
Crest: 5 feet
Difficulty to reach: Hard
Water flow level: Low to moderate flow

 7 major waterfalls, Including Twin Sisters Falls, Contour Falls, Crazy Mans Hollow, Crazy Man’s Hollow Look-Alike Falls, Greenwood Falls, and these two waterfalls are accessible from the Station Road Bridge Trailhead. Raccoon Falls and Romane Falls are located on different branches of the same creek and require the most amount of walking to reach out of any Station Road Bridge Waterfall, save Greenwood Falls. Although impressive in periods of high water flow, Raccoon and Romane Falls diminish to no more than walls of wet rock in the summer. Raccoon Falls is more impressive than Romane Falls in high water due to the fact that it’s just simply bigger, but Romane Falls’ narrow crest makes the waterfall more consistent than Raccoon Falls and thus more scenic during periods of low water flow. The creek trek leading up to both waterfalls are long, by no means easy, and can turn into mosquito breeding grounds in the summer. Neither Raccoon nor Romane Falls has yet to merit an official name, so I had the pleasure of giving these waterfalls unofficial names. Raccoon Falls got named after the nocturnal critter because on my first visit there I was greeted by a hissing raccoon at the waterfall’s base, which then proceeded to scale the nearly vertical cliff to the right of the falls. Until then I had only seen a raccoon out during the day maybe once or twice, and the animal’s rock climbing skills were quite impressive, so the name “Raccoon Falls” was an obvious choice. Nothing quite so unique happened at Romane Falls, and after a considerably long time of drawing blanks on creative names I named it after the small side street located just south of the falls. 

Getting to Raccoon and Romane Falls:
Begin at the Station Road Bridge Trailhead and take the old bridge over the river and then turn left onto the Towpath Trail, following the path under the famous 1,000-foot long State Route 82 Bridge. Take the bridge over the canal and continue on the trail, passing the manmade waterfall on your right side a quarter mile from the trailhead. By hiking up the stream above the manmade waterfall you’ll reach Twin Sisters Falls, a pair of 70-foot waterfalls that are believed to be the tallest waterfalls in the entire National Park and potentially Northeast Ohio. If you haven’t been to Twin Sister before, I highly recommend visiting before you check out Raccoon Falls. Keep hiking downstream as the trail gradually turns right and the bridge goes out of view. .6 miles past the manmade waterfall you’ll walk past the mouth of two creeks, the second of which can take you up to Contour Falls; a 40-foot waterfall that shoots off a cliff face then gracefully spirals down a shale ledge into the creek below. Although Contour Falls isn’t as impressive as Twin Sisters Falls, the trek upstream to Contour Falls is absolutely stunning and easily bests the one to Twin Sisters. Continue onward, hiking downstream for an additional .4 miles. Right as the trail is about to veer off to the left  the creek you need to hike up flows into the canal. Exit the towpath, cross the canal, and begin hiking upstream. The canal is about 1.5 feet deep at its deepest point, so anticipate getting soaked from your shins down. Follow the creek up until it splits, which is roughly a quarter mile in. The creek to your left will take you up to Raccoon Falls and the other creek will take you to Romane Falls.

Raccoon & Romane Falls