Little Known Falls

Photo by Sam Schoeniger

This waterfall has yet to merit an official name, but Lake County local Sam Schoeniger calls this gem “Little Known Falls” because very few people actually know of its existence! This waterfall is located in the spectacular Hell Hollow Wilderness Area, an 800+ acre park that is as wild as the name suggests. If you know where to look, many other waterfalls can be found deep within the park, but this waterfall is one of the park’s best and is by far the easiest to reach!

​Height: 35 feet (total)
Crest: 10 feet
Difficulty to reach: Moderate to Difficult
Address: Hell Hollow Wilderness Area (14437 Leroy Center Road, Thompson, Ohio)

How to get there:

Begin by parking your car at the lot and taking the short .6 mile Beechridge Loop trail to the Paine Creek Overlook. Descend the 200+ wooden stairs into the valley and begin hiking downstream. Be on the lookout for a decent sized tributary stream on your right side. If it has been raining, a waterfall spills over tree roots here into Paine Creek. It’s not much more than a few feet tall, but the waterfall has literally defied erosion and makes for a neat picture. For a stream hike, the hike to Little Known Falls is quite long. You should expect to spend 20-30 minutes hiking up this stream, if not more. You’ll pass by several small waterfalls on your way to the falls, and these waterfalls will only increase in size as you grow nearer to the actual waterfall. Little Known Falls is comprised of three distinct waterfalls, with the largest one being the middle falls at about 15 feet tall. The three separate waterfalls are at least 50 feet apart from each other, and the top waterfall is hidden around a stream bend, making it impossible to get a picture of all three of the falls together. You can either return back to your car by returning the way you came in or by climbing up the ridge to your right, which is rather difficult but will cut your return time down significantly.