Getting to Kingsville Falls:
While the amount of walking it takes to reach Kingsville Falls is no more than 200 yards, the descent into the ravine below the falls can be a little tricky, especially in the summer when the ravine is covered with abundant vegetation. Begin by parking your car on the side of Kingsbury Road near its intersection with South Ridge Road. Walk back towards South Ridge Road and cross the street. Directly below you is the ravine downstream from the waterfall. The ravine isn’t particularly deep, but if you aren’t a fan of descending steep hills, turn right and follow South Ridge Road until you reach a small dirt pull off. This lengthens the distance you have to walk, but makes the trek a bit easier. Once at creek level, follow the creek upstream very briefly and you’ll reach Kingsville Falls! Good luck and happy waterfall hunting!

Height: 30 feet
Crest: 20 feet
Water flow level: Moderate to High Flow
Difficulty to reach: Easy to Moderate
Address: Kingsbury Road, Kingsville, Ohio

Named after the town it’s located in, Kingsville Falls is tucked away at the head of a narrow ravine adjacent to a street intersection and is a unique and incredibly consistent waterfall. The waterfall flows out of two drainage tunnels then half-drops half slides 30 feet into the creek below. To the right of the waterfall is the ruins of an ancient structure. Considering the road just above the waterfall is Mill Street, I’m going to take an educated guess and say this once was the sight of an old mill. It isn’t apparent if this waterfall is on public or private land, as no signs indicate you are on a nature preserve/park nor do any signs indicate you are entering private property. If for some reason someone tells you to leave their property while at Kingsville Falls, please listen to them. 

Kingsville Falls

Kingsville Falls by Jacob Teed