Getting to Indian Point Falls
To get to these falls, you’ll want to park your car at the main parking lot (the one adjacent to Paine Creek) and walk up the road upstream for a few hundred yards. You’ll notice a pretty large tributary flowing into Paine Creek. Leave the road and start hiking up this creek. Soon you’ll enter a deep valley and as you continue upstream you’ll pass multiple waterfalls, including a long slide waterfall that drops 20-30 feet over 50 yards or so. The gorge will end at the base of Indian Point Falls. 

Indian Point Falls

Indian Point Falls by Hunter Gawne

Address: 13165 Seeley Rd, Painesville, OH 44077
Height: 15 feet
Crest: 10 feet
Difficulty to reach: Difficult

Water flow level: Moderate flow

One of our Instagram followers, Sam Schoeniger, gave us the heads up about this awesome waterfall. He’s named this place “The land of a 1000 waterfalls” because not only is this beautiful waterfall here, but countless others spill through the gorge downstream as well. The waterfall consists of two tiers and is somewhat similar to West Milton Cascades in Western Ohio. The water is located in Indian Point Metro Park, which has an incredible overlook of the Grand River. There’s no trail that takes you back here, so you better be ready to get soaked and muddy.