Harmony Falls

Harmony Falls is a small waterfall tucked away in a residential neighborhood that hasn’t been fully developed. As of this writing, it is completely legal to check out the waterfall. The waterfall usually doesn’t have too much water, so it is probably best to view it after a decent rain. Behind the waterfall is a tiny recess cave and downstream from the waterfall there’s a unique gorge worth checking out.

Harmony Falls after a rain by Jacob Teed

Height: 8 feet
Crest: 10 feet
Difficulty to reach: Easy-Medium

Water flow level: Low
Address: Harmony Falls Lane, Novelty, Ohio

Getting to Harmony Falls

Drive down Harmony Falls Lane until you are a few hundred yards from where the road ends in a Cul de sac. If it has rained recently, you should see a small creek flowing on the road on the left side of the road. The waterfall is in the woods on the right side of the road. Follow the creek into the woods for no more than 50 feet to find the waterfall.

Nearby Waterfalls

The really impressive Cat's Den Falls and Natural Bridge is located no more than 15 minutes from here. Just north of this waterfall is West Woods Park, which contains two small but beautiful waterfalls.