Echo Dell Falls

Echo Dell Falls by Jacob Teed

Height: 45 feet
Crest: 6 feet
Difficulty to reach: Moderate to Difficult
Water flow level: Moderate Flow
Address: Beaver Creek State Park (12021 Echo Dell Road, East Liverpool, Ohio)

Getting to Echo Dell Falls:
To access the waterfall from the park’s office, cross over the creek via the single lane bridge and then turn left at the road junction. Follow this road past the swings, over the creek, and to the wooden outhouse.  Near the wooden outhouse an unofficial trail goes into the woods and follows the creek you just walked over upstream. Take this trail until the creek splits, then exit the trail and hike up the stream spilling into the creek from the right. The stream climbs quickly and you’ll soon be at the falls. 

Based on how you look at it, Echo Dell Falls is anywhere between 20 and 45 feet tall. Over a few hundred feet the creek here drops 45 feet in a series of cascades, with the largest cascade being around 20 feet tall. Like the Beaver Creek State Park’s other waterfalls; Family Camp Cascade and Vondergreen Falls, this waterfall has no official name, so I gave it a name because “Echo Dell Falls” sounds a lot better than “Beaver Creek State Park Waterfall #1”. Surrounding the waterfall is a narrow rocky gorge, and just upstream from the falls is a wire fence which marks the northern edge of the park. Downstream the stream joins another creek. If you are to follow this other creek upstream, you’ll reach the Family Camp Cascade.