Height: 18 feet
Crest: 10 feet
Difficulty to reach: Easy to Moderate
Water flow level: Moderate Flow
Address: Crown Hill Cemetery, Darrow Road, Twinsburg, OH

Getting to Crown Hill Falls
Begin by entering the Cemetery from its only entrance off Darrow Road. Pass through the front gate and turn right onto the two-lane road divided by a grass medium. Follow this road past the maintenance house then turn right onto the road several hundred feet past the house. Immediately turn left again and park near the statue to the right of the road. After exiting your car you should already be able to hear the waterfall flowing. Continue to walk down the road towards the trees and locate a black metal fence to the right of the road. Right past the fence is the falls. If you want to get down to the base of the falls, I recommend crossing over the creek (carefully!) and following the rim of the ravine until it becomes safe enough to descend down to. If you choose to visit Crown Hill Falls, please be respectful of the cemetery grounds and the people visiting. 

If you'd like to learn more about Crown Hill Cemetery, check out the link below:

Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Falls

For nearly a year I had known a waterfall existed inside the Crown Hill Cemetery but I for some odd reason I assumed it wasn’t worth a visit…How wrong I was! Crown Hill Falls is easily one of the most consistent and scenic off-the-map waterfalls in Northeast Ohio and requires no more than a few minutes of walking to reach. The waterfall drops into a large pool deep within a scenic gorge that feels worlds away from the cemetery just upstream.