Getting to Crazy Mans Hollow Waterfalls

The real Crazy Man's Hollow is located slightly further upstream from its imposter and is just a bit more difficult to reach. Get to the same Towpath intersection as you did to reach the imposter, but this instead of walking into the woods, take a right and head upstream. Walk for about a quarter mile, keeping your eyes peeled for a small creek on your left side. The first decent sized creek you see is the waterfall's  access point. Follow this creek up for about 1/5 of a mile to reach the waterfall.

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On a miserably wet and cold day in November of 2014 I set out to find Crazy Man's Hollow. It didn't take me too long as the waterfall I assumed to be Crazy Man's Hollow was just a short walk up a hollow across the river from the trailhead. It wasn't until June of the next year that I realized what I had discovered was not Crazy Man's Hollow, but actually an unnamed waterfall. The actual waterfall was tucked away in a deeper hollow 1/3 of a mile upstream from here. Because of this, I thought the name "Crazy Man's Hollow Imposter" sounded fitting for this look-alike waterfall. The real waterfall has a bit more water than the imposter, but both waterfalls are somewhat seasonal and it's best to check them out after a good rain. If you're looking for a full day of adventure, try visiting Greenwood falls, both of the Crazy Man's waterfalls, and Twin Sisters all in one day. They all are right off the Towpath and relatively close to each other. 

Crazy Mans Hollow Falls

The imposter Crazy Man's Hollow Falls is located just south of the huge Route 82 bridge. To get to the trailhead, park your car at the Station Road Bridge Trailhead, which is located near the intersection of Riverview Road and Chippewa Creek Road.  Once at the trailhead, take the small historic bridge across the Cuyahoga River to get to the Towpath Trail. The Towpath Trail goes in both directions, with the trail to the left taking you downstream and past the access point for Twin Sisters Falls, and the trail to the right which will take you upstream and past the access point for Greenwood Falls. To get to the imposter Crazy Mans Hollow, walk between the old road that leads out of the valley and the towpath trail that takes you downstream (left). After bushwhacking for a few yards you'll reach a small creek. Follow this creek up for about 5-10 minutes to reach the waterfall.

  • Heights: 40 feet, 35 feet
  • Crests: 10 feet, 5 feet
  • Difficulty to reach: Moderate to Difficult
  • Water flow level: Low
  • Address: Station Road Bridge Trailhead, Ohio

NOTE: When visiting these waterfalls, please stay within the confines of the ravine! Do not exit either of the gorges by climbing up the walls near the waterfalls. This land is private property. I have already received an email from an upset property owner citing a recent increase in trespassers.