Cat's Den Falls

Photo by Sean Kennedy

Address: 16802 Cat’s Den Road, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Height: 15 feet
Crest: 5 feet

Difficulty to reach: Moderate

How to get there:

This waterfall isn’t too difficult to find, as you will actually drive right past it! If coming from Chagrin Road, The waterfall will be on the left side of the road just as you exit the clear cut area. You only have to drive about 100 yards on Catsden road, so be on the lookout. The road actually goes right over the natural bridge. Park your car and descend down into the gorge, opposite of the side that the waterfall is on. To get to the waterfall you’ll have to walk through the natural bridge, which usually has a bit of water in it so prepare to get wet. Here, you’ll get a great view of the falls and a unique view downstream through the natural bridge.

This isn’t a massive waterfall, but what makes this place so awesome is its location. Cat’s Den Waterfall drops into a  “den” before exiting through a small natural arch and then spilling into the gorge below. The natural arch is one of only 12 documented natural arches in Ohio. Downstream a large rock towers above the gorge and is a great place to take pictures. If I had to make a top 10 list of things to see in Cleveland, this place would make it easily.