Big Spring Hollow by John Combs

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Getting to Big Spring Hollow Falls:
A 1/2 mile long trail will take you to Big Spring Hollow Falls. The trailhead is located on Big Pine Road and east of route 374. A pulloff for the trailhead is located on the south side of the road. Make sure you're on the path for the trailhead and not the rappelling area! On the trail, you'll head towards the hills, and cross a small footbridge and there will be a trail on your right. Follow this trail until you reach the waterfall. Good luck!

Big Spring Hollow Falls

Height: 100+ feet
Crest: 1-10 feet

Water Flow Level: Low to Medium
Difficulty to Reach: Moderate to difficult

Many people believe the waterfall at Ash Cave is the tallest waterfall in Hocking Hills and Ohio, but this waterfall actually has Ash Cave beat by a few feet. Like Ash Cave, behind Spring Hollow is a large recess cave. The area surrounding the waterfall and cave are so lush it feels like you have been transported to the tropical jungles of Costa Rica. Big Spring Hollow Falls is rarely visited by people other than Boy Scout troops and diehard explorers. The waterfall usually has a steady stream of water but I would advise going here during the spring or after a heavy rain.